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Centre for Harmony and Enhancement of Ethnic Minority Residents (CHEER) is one of the support service centres funded by the Home Affairs Department of HKSAR Government to provide accessible services to ethnic minorities in Hong Kong. Through the provision of services ranging from tangible interpreting service to multi-dimensional programmes, CHEER aims at facilitating ethnic minorities to have a cheerful and harmonious life in the society.

Main Service Targets

All ethnic minorities in Hong Kong.


  • To assist the ethnic minorities in knowing and accessing essential public services and resources.
  • To enhance the ethnic minorities’ proficiency in Chinese and English. To enhance the ethnic minorities’ capacity in problem-solving and adjustment in Hong Kong.
  • To promote social inclusion and integration in Hong Kong.

Major Services
1) Interpretation and Translation Services

CHEER provides Interpretation and Translation Service to non-Chinese/ English speaking ethnic minorities and organizations providing essential public services. Services are mainly provided between English and 8 ethnic minority languages/ dialects including Bahasa Indonesia, Hindi, Nepali, Punjabi, Tagalog, Thai, Urdu, and Vietnamese, in the following ways:

2) Language Programmes

3) Integration Programmes

  • Technical Literacy Programme
    Programmes for enhancing users’ basic technical knowledge that is useful for their daily lives, career and study.
  • Social and Cultural Programmes
    CHEER runs wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities to enhance our users’ knowledge about Hong Kong’s cultures, policies and resources. Besides, programmes are specially designed to suit the needs of different target groups such as ladies, parents and children etc.
  • Cross-cultural Activities
    CHEER encourages people from different ethnic backgrounds to befriend with each other through interactions through our cross-cultural activities.
  • Volunteer Programmes and Groups
    CHEER believes that everyone has strengths to help others. A series of volunteer activities are held and volunteer groups are formed to encourage our users to show concerns to the community,. Besides, a volunteer award scheme is launched to reward volunteers’ contribution annually.
  • After-School Support Classes
    To provide guidance to primary (P1-6) and secondary students (F1-3) in doing homework, after-school support classes are held in regular-basis. Besides, classes are run for kindergarten kids (K2 -3) to enhance their interest and ability in learning Chinese. To equip parents with skills and knowledge to help children’s study, activities are also held for parents in the classes.
  • Employment Support Services
    Provide job information and interview skills training.
  • Youth Service
    This is a special unit to provide services designated to ethnic minority youth. Major services include:
    1. Youth workshops
    2. Developmental programmes and groups
    3. Youth Corner (Open once every week, for information and enquiry please contact 3106 3104)
    4. Consultation Hotline (Telephone no.: 5222 0554)

4) Counselling, guidance and referral services

Counselling, guidance and referral services are provided by our registered social workers to assist ethnic minorities to facilitate their swift settlement in Hong Kong. CHEER is especially concern with the settlement needs (such as looking for job and school placement, adjustment to Hong Kong’s environment and systems, language barrier, access to basic services etc.) of ethnic minorities who arrive at Hong Kong for less than 7 years.

Referral services to other suitable services such as Integrated Family Services , Integrated Children and Youth Services, School Social Work and Medical Social Work Services, etc, will be made for users in need. Download Case Referral Form to CHEER

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