Mentor@Home Scheme

Since 2009, Mentor@Home has been launched to provide face-to-face, one-to-one, home-based language training to ethnic minorities (EM) who are unable to attend language classes conducted in classroom setting. They might be persons with physical disability, housewives fully-occupied by house duties and senior residents with low mobility etc.

To be ELIGIBLE to enroll the scheme, you MUST BE:

  1. Ethnic minority residents,
  2. Have barrier in using Chinese and English,
  3. Have difficulty to attend classroom training (as assessed by our staff in interview),
  4. Agree mentors and staff to pay visit to your home, and
  5. Willing to commit in 15-hour language training and attend gathering sessions with mentors.

Enrollment to the scheme is accepted anytime year-round, however it is highly recommended to enroll before end of March, June, September and December so to suit the training periods start in January, April, July and October respectively.

We welcome interested parties to be our mentors in the scheme to provide language training to the mentees. To be a mentor, a person must be 16-year old or above, at least completed Form 5 and enthusiastic to interact with people from different cultures.

Contact Ms. Katie Ho at 3106 3104 for registration!