Preparation for a new jobPrint

(1) What do I need to prepare for applying a job?


A resume is to provide a 1-2 page(s) summary of your skills, abilities and accomplishments relevant to the field of work you wish to enter. It is a quick advertisement of who you are.

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Cover Letter 

A cover letter is an extension of your resume. It enables you to introduce and promote yourself, which facilitates employers accept your application or offer you an interview.

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Referee should be your immediate/previous supervisors or the persons who are acquainted with your working history/character. Family members are not recommended as referees so to avoid conflict of interest. In all cases, ask for permission prior to using the person for a reference.


1.   All information should be complete and corresponding to the supportive documents. E.g. certificates and job reference letter, etc.

2.  All documents should be clean, tidy and neat.

3.   Company may require you to fill in their own job application form. Make sure the information is consistence with the resume.


(2)       What preparation do I need before job interview?



1368571083_Facebook_like_thumb  Learn as much as you can about the company and the interviewers. facebook-thumb-downDon’t go in knowing nothing about the industry or the position for which you’re interviewing. A lack of preparation makes you seem like not caring about the the job.
1368571083_Facebook_like_thumb  Anticipate likely interview questions and plan your answers.
1368571083_Facebook_like_thumb Make a good first impression. Be punctual.  Dress neat and tidy. facebook-thumb-downDon’t be late or looking disheveled.
1368571083_Facebook_like_thumb Answer questions completely honestly. Paint yourself in the best light, but remain humble and brief. facebook-thumb-downDon’t exaggerate or lie about your accomplishments.
1368571083_Facebook_like_thumbRemain polite, respectful, and positive. facebook-thumb-downDon’t complain about former employers or prior jobs you’ve held.
1368571083_Facebook_like_thumbAsk questions that you would like to know but you could not find out the answers from the advertisement.