(English) Code of Ethics of CHEER’s Interpreters/TranslatorsPrint

Code of Ethics of CHEER’s Interpreters

CHEER’s interpreters are guarded against the code of ethics. The code of ethics serves as a guide to users as to what they may expect from our interpretation and translations services.

1) Confidentiality

Out interpreters keep any information learned during provision of interpretation services confidential.

2) Impartiality

Our interpreters show no bias towards either party involved in the interpretation.

3) Fidelity & Accuracy

Our interpreters provide interpretation without addition, omission, or distortion of meaning.

4) Competence

Our interpreters will not accept any tasks in areas that beyond their capacities

5) Respect for Persons

Our interpreters respect everyone involved in the interpretating situation

6) Conflict of interests

Our interpreters will avoid and declare any actual or apparent conflict of interest which may jeopardize impartiality