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Q: Can I call CHEER for interpretation service?

A: Yes! CHEER provides free of charge Telephone Interpretation Service (TELIS) for all ethnic minority people in Hong Kong!

During operation hours of TELIS (Monday to Sunday 8am to 10pm, except public holiday), CHEER Interpreter provides immediate TELIS support to you!

Languages Hotline
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*During the non-operation hours (i.e. 10pm to 8am on Monday to Sunday, and on public holidays), an English speaking or/and Cantonese speaking staff will be standby to answer calls from the TELIS hotlines only when request was made for interpretation support on urgent matters.

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Q: I want to talk to the school teacher and I have medical appointment soon, can I ask the service providers to arrange me an interpreter?EIS
A: Sure! CHEER provides On-Site Interpretation Service (OIS), which is face-to-face interpretation service between you, service provider and Interpreter.

As OIS is upon request by public service provider, please request you public service provider to make application to CHEER. If you have difficulty in communicating to the service providers, please use our Telephone Interpretation Service (Refer to Q1).

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Q: Can I ask CHEER to help if I can’t read the public service information written in English and/or Chinese?OSIS
A: WhatsApp-sight Interpretation Service (WSIS) can help!

For English document, please bring along with the document and visit our centre on Monday-Saturday 9am-9pm; Sunday 9am-5pm. (except public holidays). CHEER interpreter provide verbal interpretation of brief documents or forms written in English into the seven EM languages.
For Chinese document, please bring along with the document and visit our centre on Tuesday-Wednesday 6pm-9pm (except public holidays). CHEER Chinese staff will help to interpret the document into English and interpreter will follow up the interpretation.

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Q: Do I need to pay for the service?
A: CHEER’s interpretation service is FREE OF CHARGE for ethnic minority service users.
For Escort Interpretation Service and Simultaneous Interpretation Service, they are upon request by public service providers and service charges should be bared by them. If you would like to use Escort Interpretation Service, please make request to your public service provider.