Differences between Telephone Interpretation and Face-to-face InterpretationPrint


Telephone Interpretation TELIS


Face-to-face InterpretationEIS
1368571083_Facebook_like_thumb  For cases that only involve brief and simple communication

e.g. A person only needs to make general inquiry that can be achieve without presence of an interpreter.

1368571083_Facebook_like_thumb For cases that are ad. hoc and arrangement for presence of an interpreter is not possible

e.g. A person occasionally visits a service provider’s office and needs to make simple enquiry.

1368571083_Facebook_like_thumbFor sensitive discussions that some individuals might not want the attendance of a third person (such as an interpreter)

e.g. A person experiences family problems sometimes may not feel comfortable to disclose their stories in the presence of an interpreter. 

1368571083_Facebook_like_thumb For cases when manpower is not available for face-to-face interpretation.

1368571083_Facebook_like_thumb For cases that timing and traveling distance are concerned.

careful A kind Reminder:

Conversation quality may be affected by the stability of the telephone network. Possible interruption may occur due to instability of mobile phone networks. Echo and noise from background may cause unclear conversation when speaker is used.

Hint: Landline phones and a quite venue are preferred.

 1368571083_Facebook_like_thumbFor cases that interpretation cannot be conducted if the interpreter is physically absent.

e.g. A pregnant lady who needs to do ultrasonic body check up and interpreter needs to do the interpretation with the ultrasonic image.

1368571083_Facebook_like_thumbFor cases that the individual need to do reading and go through complicated or lengthy procedure.

e.g. A person needs to do interview with a service provider in which he/she is not able to read the documents used in the interview without interpreter’s assistance.

1368571083_Facebook_like_thumbFor cases that the person feels more secure with the presence of an interpreter to facilitate better communication.

careful  A kind Reminder:

Face-to-face interpretation may not cater the urgent needs for interpretation as it relies on the availability of the Interpreter.

Possible delay for service may occur as interpreter takes time to arrive at the venue and manpower may not be available for ad hoc cases.

Hint: Telephone interpretation is suggested for ad-hoc cases (if appropriate), as more timely interpretation support can be provided.